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All Colombian Girls Testimonials

Dennis Hair <breakfree50@hotmail.com>

Hola Luz, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my trip to Cali.

american seeking latin ladiesAfter joining ACG for a year I was pleased with the effort everyone in the office put in to assist me in meeting several wonderful ladies. I was very happy with the translation services provided by Jenny and yourself as well as coordinating so many events, sometimes simultaneously. With several clients in the office there was always something happening. I have met a couple of ladies who I have interest in and I will return in the near future to continue my search. I look forward to seeing you all again soon. I consider you friends and miss you all very much. Best Wishes for the future!

I approve the use of this endorsement for your use in promoting your company.



I just completed my second trip to Cali from May 7-17th and stayed in the North of Cali(Agency is located in the North)a very upscale and prosperous area. I was in Cali from 12/26/03-1/07/04 and I met many beautiful women at ACG. If you let fear block your travel plan you will miss out on the opportunity to meet some of the most beautiful women that eyes can behold!!!!

I consider Cali as safe as any major USA city. I lived in New York City for 17years with no incidents. I would advise you to take cabs at night, but during the day it is extremely safe. The staff at ACG is top notch. Iveth and Angela are very personable and both speak fluent English and can advise and guide you safely during your stay. The service you will receive is superb and you will have a difficult decision choosing a girl to begin a serious relationship. The only danger I can see is your heart will get stolen by a lovely girl at ACG (All Colombian Girls). My advise…do it and experience it. You will have no regrets.

I will visit again in mid -September and Dec/January.


american seeking latin ladies

I bought the Executive Membership because I saw the most beautiful girl, Mariana, at the ACG website. I decided to travel to Cali, I met her, and we are now engaged.

Thank you All Colombian Girls, you made my dream come true.

Lou R.


american seeking latin ladies
You can meet different girls everyday

ACG distinguishes itself from other agencies in at least two ways: (1) First, ACG has the most beautiful Colombian girls out of the agencies I visited (2) Second, the first-class service of Ricardo's staff, mainly Iveth and Marie, is really outstanding. Iveth, who runs the day-to-day activities at the office (setting up your appointments et al.) is very professional, helpful, "user-friendly" and - most importantly - conscientious. Iveth always inquires on how your date with a girl went, listens to your evaluation of the girl, and offers insight and feedback when asked (by way of example, after a third date with a girl she asked me if I had always had my moustache, meaning she preferred a man without one. later Iveth explained to me that most Colombian ladies prefer no moustache because it makes a man look younger - ok! In summary, ACG is a well-run, first-class agency. I highly recommend ACG !!!



american seeking latin ladies

ACG is an agency that achieves results! Having had the opportunity to compare another leading and excellent agency in Cali, I achieved spectacular results at ACG, with a full and busy schedule everyday. Unlike the other agency, the ladies were on time for their appointments to meet you, and were extremely beautiful inside and out. The photo albums in the Agency provide you with endless opportunities to connect with that special "one". In complete honesty my experience was truly mind-boggling, because I met many lovely girls who could easily be my future wife. ACG is the greatest resource in Colombia for a man who sincerely seeks a lady with beauty, heart and spirit. The staff (Paula, Marie, and owner Ricardo) provides first-rate service that leaves a lasting impression, which acts as a reminder, that excellence is to be found in Colombia. I recommend ACG to you for your next visit to Colombia.



ALL COLOMBIAN GIRLS is a wonderful marriage agency. Not only are the female members beautiful, but all the employees in the agency are beautiful people as well. The everyday customer service I received was totally unbelievable. There are a lot of companies in the USA that can learn from ACG on how to treat their customers. ACG is not satisfied until their customer is satisfied. They will work day and night until that goal is accomplished. For any man who is sincerely looking for a soul mate, ACG is definitely the place.

Darnell Wilson


Cali is everything you ever thought of and more as far as seeing, meeting and speaking to eligible single beautiful ladies. However it is totally up to you and the lady in question to determine if the two shall be a match. These ladies are real, and their expectations, desires and life dreams are also real, so as you are choosing them they are also choosing you. Just keep that in mind and have a good time.

I like to go to Cali very much, so it will be difficult to stop by only once. Ricardo's house is my recommendation and if you stay there, Iveth is very good at making sure you always have a date with someone who you have requested will be there to meet you. His staff is the nicest, they are relaxed and everything is still efficiently operated. Ricardo, Paula and Marie will do everything in their power to look after you while you are there. Again, my only advice is for you to have a good time.

All the women I have met have always taken good care of me, they will recommend a type of taxi or a certain place or tell me not go to a particular area.

Good luck - and by the way, these are the most beautiful women you'll ever meet.



Going to Colombia was one of the best decisions I've made in my life as far as vacation choices. At first I had the same doubts and concerns as you.

What is nice about Ricardo's place is that while staying there in the house all the lovely ladies will come through, and even though they are not there to meet you in particular, you will have the opportunity to see and meet them if you want. His house is as comfortable as being at home.

The selection of beautiful women will be overwhelming and breathtaking at the same time. LOVELY can't describe the overall looks of these women. The only bad thing is that there are so many of them. Depending on how long you plan on staying, take some extra money in case you find that special one and want to catch some private beach time or take a trip to another town with her.

Food, taxis, gifts, and weddings are cheap.

And another thing: it's like being in a large candy store, just make a selection and Iveth brings her to you.

Best of luck to you,

Albert Simons

beautiful latin ladies


I want to say thank you for being so nice and helpful to me, when I stayed with you for 11 days. It was a pleasure to meet such beautiful and special secretaries. I am a little in love with both of you.

Say thanks to Don Ricardo for the special treatment I received, and for having all the lovely ladies in his agency. He is a wonderful person, even if not as pretty as you two ladies.

Louis A. Hendrickx




When I arrived in Cali, I was with another agency, but I soon found out that they could not find me the (sincere, really wants to get married, and not trying to spend all my money) type of girl that I wanted to meet. So this other agency referred me to Ricardo the owner of All Colombian Girls. My first impression of Ricardo is that he is all business; he wanted to know why I choose Cali, what type of relationship I really wanted, and what type of woman I wanted to meet. Then Ricardo and his secretary tell you about Latin culture, women, and set you up for dates with the ladies. After you complete a list of things you prefer in a woman your dates will begin. When I was not out on a date I watched how the new ladies were interviewed by both Ricardo and his secretary to see if the lady gave the same answers, how she was kept waiting between interviews so that she would be on time when meeting an American, and how they kept stressing that fact that if she did not really want to get married and leave Colombia this was not the right agency for her. Although All Colombian Girls may be in Colombia, they provided services that were focused around the needs and wants of their clients - American men. Within a few hours of arriving, I was out on dates to concerts, bullfights, movies, and the zoo. Within a few days I had met several excellent women, and by the end of my two week trip, I had met and selected a very special lady that I hope will be my future wife. In a nutshell, if you want your trip to Cali to be full of pretty women that have been pre-screened, and have your date schedule given to you each day with no excuses, than I highly recommend AllColombianGirls to you. If you have specific questions about the service I received at AllColombianGirls Matrimonial and Introduction Agency, please feel free to email me.

Instructor, Florida A&M University


I have been to ACG twice; the first time was a year ago. I paid $800.00 USD for the tour, and I attended one party on Saturday, TONS of beautiful girls of all kinds, brunettes, reds, and blondes - even blacks - were there and they all were awesome.

I stayed five days, everything was included on those $800.00 USD: lodging, Saturday party, Sunday BBQ, and UNLIMITED introductions, with the girls I liked.

I was there to find my future wife, met very beautiful girls and stayed with three options. I e-mailed them and they did the same, these for almost eight months. I went to Colombia two months ago and saw who is now my fiancée. They removed her from the photo album, and helped her to become more confident about moving to US.

Remember that any place you go, anything can happen. It is just a matter of who is willing to have a good time, with decency and good disposition.

Those people are friendly, and they provide a good service.


I found a lot of ladies that I liked. The girls on the web site are just a sample of the girls registered there. About 30 photo albums - in each photo albums there are many beautiful women.


My trips to Cali have been very simple. Do what I did: just connect with a good agency like All Colombian Girls.com, tell them when you are coming and leaving and what type of girl you are looking for, so they can have some dates ready for you when you get there. Cali's women are very pretty and want a family, but first you must earn their trust, because they have been hurt many times. You have to show them that you are serious and not playing games or just want sex.


The ladies are the loveliest out of any agency in any country I have visited. I feel I will end up connected to a lady from your agency. I don't feel I have to look for any more ladies in the future.

Iveth and Marie were very helpful at ACG, They are still my favorite secretaries.




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