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Colombian Girls & Marriage Agency
Frequently Answer Questions

  1. What is ACG like?

    We pay special attention to our guests, so as to make their stay here the greatest experience ever. Match making, dating services and marriage counseling: First, we introduce them to as many girls as they wish to meet - it is actually a matter of energy! If you want to meet beautiful, tender, cheerful and loving women, we are your best choice. Let us have you as our guest in our apartment and we will make you feel at home. We have over 2500 girls registered, who are available for dates and eventual marriage.
  2. Is Colombia a safe country to go to on this kind of trip?colombia marriage agency

    It is true, we have some security problems in this country due to the rebels, but the front lines are far out in the countryside. Those problems have never kept us from being good, caring, and gentle people
  3. Do these women speak English?

    Well, 10% of all the women registered do - in fact - speak the English language.
  4. Are they truly interested in american singles and marrying foreigners?

    We only feature women in our database who are interested in marrying foreigners. We screen our ladies members and do not take in those whom we believe are only interested in using a man for their own purposes, such as getting a visa
  5. Do they have families and/or children who would allow them to leave for the U.S soon?

    Yes, they have families that care for them a great deal, but in the end it is up to each lady to make that final decision, and all they get from their families is support. Families are not interested in getting between you and the women
  6. Where do you find these women?

    We find our lady members through dating on line, personal ads we place in local newspapers and Internet publicity. Lately, we have gotten most of our new registrations from colombian ladies that refer their friends to us.
colombia marriage agency
  1. Is there a way to run a background check for any criminal and/or financial problems that would affect a husband?colombia marriage agency

    Yes, it is possible to obtain a document issued by the D.A.S. (Departamento Administrativo de Seguridad or Administrative Department of Security, the Colombian equivalent of the FBI) so if we want to run a background check on any of our lady members we can do it, but we are sure you will not have any problems - we screen our lady members well
  2. Can you give me an idea of why these women want to relocate to another country with a man they do not know very well?

    To be honest, they are looking for the simple, secure, loving kind of relationship and lifestyle that most of them simply cannot find in a country ruled by the MACHO mentality. Yes, they are also looking for new opportunities in life the same way people do all over the world, but what they really want is someone to love and care for them - a person who truly cares about them a great deal. They want . . . love.


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Office phone: +57 (301) 563 8677 (Cali - Colombia)

Cell phone: +57 (301) 563 8677 (Cali - Colombia)


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